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Welcome to !

Here is an opportunity to all Malayalam speaking people to know & study the eternal & living word of God..!

Our vision:

Now a days the influence of the internet is becoming more and stronger in our daily life than ever. There is a large increase on the number of Malayalee internet users such as bloggers, hobbyists, and community members etc. spending hours on internet by the popularity of Malayalam Unicode font which is already been introduced in all major entertainment and community portals. There are varieties of Malayalam portals feeding the Malayalee community with entertainment and educational resources in Malayalam itself.

Apart from that, the world’s no.1 video portal, YouTube is already filled with thousands of Malayalam videos of entertainment and educational subjects. Anti-Christian and cult activists are already have their presence there with all their possible ways and tricks to attack the word of God in our mother tongue. So it is alarming to a true Christian to put their attention in the area of internet in spreading the word of God and true Christian principles in Malayalam.

Our aim:

Our aim to share the Gospel of Lord Jesus Christ & the priciples and teachigs of the word of God (the Bible) which is intended by God as revealed in the Bible. As there are many websites which serves the same purpose in a remarkable way, we wouldlike to operate in Malayalam language to meet Malayalee community.

Here we publish articles such as Videos, Audios, E-books etc. in Malayalam through the website. Almost all resources will be available for free download and distribution for the maximum benefit of the users.

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